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We look at various types of paint and wood coatings failures on houses, decks, commercial buildings, and other structures. We discuss the better solutions we have observed for a variety of projects over the last 20 years.

We are a network of experienced industry professionals, paint tech representatives, certified coatings consultants, professional contractors, and wood coatings specialists who share a passion for educating our clients:

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Common Problems with Deck Care

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This is the 3d paint job on this home in a 9 year period since the home was new. Including the cost of the previous paint jobs, plus correcting existing damage, total cost to the client for their home- $9878.00. (that's right, $91.00  per month* that should have been added to their original cost of the home. They have actually paid out $91.00 per month for the last 9 years as a result of poor or uninformed choices made by the builder or his subcontractors.

*(should have added $91.00 to the house payment at time of purchase)

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We will attempt here to share with you here, and on the Painting Information Network, all that we know so that you can make the best choice when choosing products, procedures, and contractors for your projects.

We are obligated to the manufacturers of none of the products that we discuss here. We will present our products of choice for various painting, caulking, and specialty coatings projects. These choices are based on continual evaluation of past projects, and various products' durability and performance. Our history has enabled us to evaluate the long-term performance of numerous brands and types of paint products. We continually research and evaluate new products, tools, and procedures available for a variety of painting and specialty coatings projects.

If you are building a new home, PLEASE visit our Guide to Painting New Homes before you begin your project:

We present many Common Problems and Better Solutions on The PaintSource Network. Despite tremendous advances in paint and coatings technology, many builders, contractors and property owners still use products that have costly long-term consequences when wood rots, metal rusts, bricks crumble, walls crack, or paint peels. We continually see preventable paint problems and costly failures due to the use of incorrect or inferior primer/paint/caulking combinations. It is usually the homeowner who bears the cost of these choices. We hope to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing paint, deck finishes, hardwood floor finish, and other wood coatings products for your home.

Many widely used paint and caulking products are old technology historically proven to fail. We frequently see residential customers bearing the cost of preventable paint failures and wood replacement on homes only a few years old. Many times, product choices are made based on short term savings on material, or simply a lack of awareness of newer, superior performing products availability. In many cases, homeowners or builders may force contractors to use cheaper products by encouraging and demanding lower bids and cost-cutting approaches to paint and finishing projects. Miniscule profiteering on materials results in cheaper products being used in all phases of many projects.

We hope to help you evaluate cost-effective choices for every aspect of your project. By helping our clients get all the products and supplies needed to complete a project, there is no pressure on the contractor to even consider cost minimizing of materials for your job at the expense of quality. We strongly encourage the use of water-based paint technology for your painting projects. There are superior performing, environmentally friendly alternatives to solvent based paints, primers, and wood coatings.

Many paint failures result from the "one product does it all" approach. We seek manufacturers committed to the highest levels of performance and quality. Many readily available paint and caulking products boast from 10-45 year durability, yet we see widespread problems and failure, inside and out, within 3-5 years on many new homes and other types of buildings.

By considering your existing conditions, as well as product requirements and expectations, we seek to provide you the best advice for coating systems and paint products available. We continually consult with other professionals to further expand the information made available here. This information contained here and on our website is intended as a tool for you to evaluate different options and products available. Final product or procedure decisions must be made based on your specific existing conditions and requirements.


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