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PaintSource Solutions for Common Paint and Wood Coatings Projects

The PaintSource Project Topic List provides solutions for a variety of painting and wood coatings projects . We hope you find the information helpful. Please contact us for additional, specific project advice if needed.

The PaintSource Network is headquartered in Lexington, KY. We provide project guidance online to increase the awareness of premium proven paint products, wood coatings systems, and specialty products available to homeowners or the contractors they hire. Our team can help you find the proper methods, products and guidelines for a variety of paint and coatings projects.

We work through our growing Network of Independent Paint Stores to provide the following services to our clients.

Paint Related Consultation
On-site Paint Inspections
Project Specifications
Equine Facilities Wood Care
Paint Failure Analysis  
Coatings Recommendations

New Construction Solutions
Deck and Log Home Solutions

Dust Containment Solutions

Project Consultation and Specifications

We offer a variety of Consulting Services. We can consult by phone or email.

We arrange on-site paint and coatings inspections for exterior repaint and maintenance projects.

We offer pre-construction consultation for painting, caulking, and weather-proofing new homes.

We can help you evaluate your structure's needs to choose the best products and procedures for your painting projects.  A detailed Project Guide should be used for all bid-based projects.  Our consultation services are available to you, your contractors, or your staff for all painting projects you undertake. 

Featured Products and Solutions

We offer all featured products at significant discounts using our network's buying and distribution resources. We help you find environmentally sound choices in your materials selection. Featured products can be delivered directly to your jobsite or contractor, or picked up locally at the nearest PaintSource Network Store. 

Our team has years of experience using and testing all the products and solutions we feature. We offer manufacturer support and field assistance serving as your link to the manufacturer and supplier for any project assistance. We work with contractors to help them achieve the best results possible with the solutions you choose.

We have a variety of Dust Free Project Solutions and dust containment systems available to clients through local PaintSource Network Stores.  We can offer assistance in keeping drywall dust, wood, paint and other sanding project dust to an absolute controlled minimum.

Please contact us with questions about any products or project solution featured.

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Dust-free Drywall Sander
Eliminate Drywall Dust
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