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Exterior Wood Care Semi-transparent and Translucent Coatings

Exterior wood surfaces are exposed to a variety of harsh elements. Ultraviolet rays, rain, sleet and snow all contribute to damaging those surfaces. You have several choices when evaluating exterior wood coatings for siding and trim. Many choices will offer trade-offs with respect to translucency, frequency of maintenance, ease or difficulty of application, preparation required, and so forth. Some species will have specific coating requirements, especially dense hardwoods, and not all coatings are appropriate for all situations. The coatings listed below have all performed extremely well for us and our clients over the years, and each has it's own distinct features.

Our wood care specialists can help you protect your investment with high quality products from the following coatings manufacturers:

Waterlox for Hardwoods

We also offer a wide variety of wood care products, cleaners, strippers, wood brighteners and all the tools necessary to make your deck and all the wood surfaces on your home look vibrant.

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* Pro Tips *
Always coat backside before construction, and end grain cuts during construction for best protection and results.
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