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We offer a variety of Estate Management Services,
and serve clients in Lexington and central Kentucky

Wilson / Selby and Associates has served Lexington and central KY for over 25 years. Our knowledge base is presented by the PaintSource Network.

We have provided residential and specialty painting services primarily in Kentucky and also throughout the country for over 30 years.

In addition to our painting services, we utilize the dust remediation technology and equipment we possess to provide a unique Whole House Dust Remediation Service.

By continually seeking the best solutions to create beautiful and clean living spaces, we have developed systems and solutions to remove dust, pollen, mold spores, dog hair, cat hair, drywall dust, and other irritants from the living space. All surfaces of the space are HEPA vacuumed then fogged and wiped with an all natural citrus based mold killer and sanitizer.

Painting Services
Pet Hair Super HEPA Vac Service
Light Mold Cleanup
Air Scrubbing
Bee Deterrent Application

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Pet Hair Vacuum Service

Super HEPA Vac Service
for Pet Hair and other dust


Favorite Products

After vacuuming we use Mold B Gone to clean the space, and kill all mold.
Mold B Gone

This environmentally friendly green cleaner is designed to clean, prepare, and protect  surfaces and spaces from mold and mildew.

adp bee stop

We use Citri Fresh Bee Stop to repel carpenter bees and many other flying insects.

We can safely drive bees back to nature and away from your living space.

We use Bee Stop for carpenter bees, mosquitoes, sweat bees, roaches and wasps.

Bee Stop

Bee Stop is available at
Perspectives Inc
in Lexington, KY

Bee Stop is available at
The Painted Horse
in Lexington Kentucky

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