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Staining on wood ceiling in bathroom Frequently Given Answers

Can you help us?  A local painter/friend painted our shower room walls and ceiling with white eggshell oil based paint.  The problem is - the surfaces were tongued and grooved pine and now all the knots are showing through.  I don't think he primed it all with proper primer and I don't want to ask him to redo it - as he did it for free.  Do we have to take the paint back to the original surface to cover all the knots with a knotting solution or can we do that on top of the paint that is there?  Alternatively - can we use some kind of primer or sealer on top of the paint that's there and put on a finishing coat?  If we have to take the paint off and go back to the original wood surface it will take forever!!!  Please advise.  Thank you.

If it is just staining, and not actual sap bleed from the wood, you can likely spot prime the stained surface with BIN from Zinsser. (2 coats). This is a pigmented shellac that is most effective at sealing knothole bleed.  If water is migrating into the grooves, then exiting out the wood, you could possibly still have some future bleed, but it should be minimal. Sanding to bare is not likely necessary at this point. One thing to consider is to be sure all end grain is well sealed. If water does get underneath the oil based paint film, it could lead to problems down the road. Our first choice is always a good Acrylic finish for wood that is prone to expand and contract like wood in a bathroom. . All the best.

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