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We assist home builders who are seeking the best paint and wood coatings products available for the homes they build.

Many times, builders are unaware that many widely used paint and caulking products are leading to early failure on the homes they build. Our history has enabled us to evaluate the long-term performance of numerous brands and types of paint products, wood coatings, caulks, and sealants that we have used and specified to our clients for over 25 years.

We can assist you or your subcontractors in choosing the best performing products available for your projects. We provide you with information to help you achieve the highest quality and value in the homes you build.

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Common Problem with Most Exterior Spar Varnish

Solutions to Cauking Problems on New Homes

We share with you what we have found to be the best products and procedures for protecting and beautifying the homes you build. We seek solutions that last, so your clients can enjoy minimal maintenance costs in their new home. We can share with you products and procedures that can reduce call-back rates. We feature the best-performing products for a variety of surfaces.

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