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The Paintsource Mission

The PaintSource Network serves as a central resource for Painting and Wood Coatings projects.

We have been featuring the benefits of superior-performing methods, tools, products, and solutions we have tested for all painting and wood finishing projects for about 30 years.

We are a network of experienced industry professionals, certified coatings consultants, specialty contractors, and wood coatings specialists who share a passion for educating our clients.

Our team has been providing painting and wood care advice for over 26 years. During that time we have tested and evaluated most available wood coatings on the market. Many paints, wood stains, and coatings available in the big warehouses and national chains demonstrate repeated failure and preventable maintenance. Our experience has shown that only a few select coatings offer the level of performance, beauty, and durability that we demand for our clients.  We review those select products here.

We offer a variety of resources and services including online project consultation, video project guides, and numerous articles to help you choose the right product for your project. We feature our best-performing products and methods proven to achieve the easiest and best looking results for a variety of projects. Our body of information includes articles and Project Guides at PaintSource.net, as well as our featured videos.

We are not obligated to any product manufacturer. We share what we have learned from our team's diverse experience in the Paint and Wood Coatings industry. We feature wood coatings, painting tools, supplies, and solutions for both contractors and do it yourselfers. We serve as a link between a growing network of independent paint and decorating retailers, wood coatings manufacturers, certified contractors, and our clients.

We hope you find our content interesting, helpful, and educational.

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