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Mosquito Zap

Mosquito Deterrent

Citri Fresh

Mosquito Zap is our product of choice for dealing with those nasty mosquitos. This product is all natural, consisting of citrus oils and tea tree oil, but the mosquitos hate it.

Mosquito Zap is specifically designed to target mosquitos in and around your home. Mosquito Zap will not harm humans, pets, and plants

This product is proven to deter mosquitos, and drive out existing colonies. If you have mosquitos or other flying insects, this product works naturally to drive them away. Please contact us if you have any questions about this truly amazing product.

Coverage is stated as a range only, and will be greatly influenced by the specific conditions of the individual project.

Can be safely used in most Fogging Devices.


$37.00 per gallon


$22.00 per Quart Spray


Mosquito Zap is a ready to use liquid that is used to repel Mosquitos. Mosquito Zap is environmentally friendly product that safely removes Mosquitoes, Roaches and Wasps. Mosquito Zap is an all natural product that is biodegradable and will not harm kids, pets, grass, or most plants. Simply use a spray bottle or pump sprayer to spray where Mosquitos are and they will leave.
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