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Padco Nylfoam® Floor Coater
6018 Floor Coater
Heavyweight 18"

6118 Floor Coater
Lightweight 18"
Refill Covers

Product Description

Padco T-bar floor coaters have become the industry standard for the application of floor coatings. They apply a wide range of waterborne and mild solvent finishes to large areas, with professional, even, consistent coverage every time. Their unique cushioned squeegee action leaves a smooth, streak and bubble-free finish with amazing speed.

Large areas such as hallways, gym floors, open commercial and residential spaces are finished flawlessly in record time with Padco BigFoot and Professional Floor Coaters.

Padco applicators are weighted to control the mil thickness of the coating.
Heavyweight applicators apply a thinner layer of finish.
Lightweight applicators apply a heavier coating.

Padco Floor Coaters come with a convenient swivel handgrip that accepts standard threaded extension poles.

Refills are available separately.

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