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Concrete Damage is NOT inevitable!

PREVENT salt and freeze/thaw damage PERMANENTLY with CreteDefender™


$199.77 per 5 gallon Pail

is a full strength, ready-to-use formulation of reactive silicates and surfactants that
are carried in solution with water. When applied to concrete, a chemical reaction occurs which
hardens, densifies, and prevents the penetration of water and other chemicals in concrete.
CreteDefender will, when properly applied, eliminate dusting, scaling, and efflorescence, prevent
damage due to salts, sulfates, acid rain, and freeze/thaw cycles, and significantly reduce chloride
intrusion thereby inhibiting corrosion of steel reinforcement.

CreteDefender is a non-hazardous, environmentally safe penetrating chemical treatment for concrete that will…

INCREASE DURABILITY:  Stop and prevent damage from salts, freeze/thaw, sulfates, chlorides.

No more flaking, chipping, popping, pitting, dusting, or spalling.

KEEP YOUR PROPERTY BEAUTIFUL: Walkways, structures, facilities, walls and floors looking and performing like new.

KEEP YOUR BOTTOM LINE HAPPY:  Significantly reduce maintenance and repair with a simple 1-time application process.

CreteDefender is effective on virtually all types of concrete –

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