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Allen: [18:23]
Welcome to CreteDefender live chat support.
My name is BJ Douglas, .
How may I help you today?

Guest: [18:24]
“If i know i have a bad pour, and have no interest in a warranty, would cretedefender delay the deterioration of my problem concrete. Am i wasting money on cretedefender. I do not want to wait 2 yrs to seal. doug

BJ Douglas,: [18:28]
That's a good question. Here is the reason why we suggest waiting two years. Residential concrete typically has a lot of water added at the jobsite. The finishers also typically seal the concrete with the float before the water has dissipated. Both of those things will leave large air bubbles in the concrete that nothing will be able to fix. When water enters those voids and freezes, the surface will pop, flake, and spall. If the concrete pour was done this way, I would not recommend spending your money on CreteDefender, because it won't stop or delay that kind of damage.
If, on the other hand, the pour was done well, you would do well to use CreteDefender as soon as possible to protect it from damage.

Guest: [18:31]
final thought, if the water will freeze and damage, would not crete defender delay my agony. Thank you for a huge education on concrete. Your site is awesome.

BJ Douglas,: [18:35] Thanks for the compliment. The delay of agony is possible. It really depends on how close to the surface you have air voids. If these voids are really close to the surface, then the damage will appear, with or without CreteDefender, probably this winter. If, however, the voids are deeper in the concrete, CreteDefender will prevent water from getting to those voids and delay the damage. I'm not sure how one might test to see if the air voids are close to the surface, though. Perhaps using a broom handle to tap the concrete. If you break the thin layer above a void, then you know. I appreciate your desire to protect what you have. I just can't promise that it will delay the problems. Also, by air-voids close to the surface, I mean within ¼ inch.

Guest: [18:38] Thank you so much. I'll keep you posted.

Concrete Damage is NOT inevitable!

PREVENT salt and freeze/thaw damage PERMANENTLY with CreteDefender™

is a full strength, ready-to-use formulation of reactive silicates and surfactants that
are carried in solution with water. When applied to concrete, a chemical reaction occurs which
hardens, densifies, and prevents the penetration of water and other chemicals in concrete.
CreteDefender will, when properly applied, eliminate dusting, scaling, and efflorescence, prevent
damage due to salts, sulfates, acid rain, and freeze/thaw cycles, and significantly reduce chloride
intrusion thereby inhibiting corrosion of steel reinforcement.

CreteDefender is a non-hazardous, environmentally safe penetrating chemical treatment for concrete that will…

INCREASE DURABILITY:  Stop and prevent damage from salts, freeze/thaw, sulfates, chlorides.

No more flaking, chipping, popping, pitting, dusting, or spalling.

KEEP YOUR PROPERTY BEAUTIFUL: Walkways, structures, facilities, walls and floors looking and performing like new.

KEEP YOUR BOTTOM LINE HAPPY:  Significantly reduce maintenance and repair with a simple 1-time application process.

CreteDefender is effective on virtually all types of concrete –

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