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Porter Cable Model 7800
Dust Free Drywall Sander

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Product Description

Porter Cable Model 7800 Drywall Sander

For Dust-Free Drywall Finishing. A must for residential remodeling projects and new construction, as well as occupied job sites. Hand sanding typically leaves tremendous amounts of dust on the surface, causing paint adhesion problems and rough finishes.

Eliminate the mess and known health hazards associated with traditional drywall sanding methods. Most drywall sanding and finishing methods can expose you to harmful drywall dust. Introduced into the ventilation system, this dust can be a long-term problem and inconvenience.

The Porter-Cable Model 7800 is 3-4 times faster and less fatiguing than hand sanding. Dust-free drywall finishing dramatically reduces harmful exposure to workers, and leaves a cleaner surface to allow for a better paint finish.

The model 7800 attached to a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency dust collection bag gives the cleanest job possible.

The automatic sander can also be used for quickly smoothing previously painted walls prior to repainting.

Technical Information
  • With the Porter-Cable Model 7800, dust is vacuum-captured.
  • The Porter-cable model 7800 is light weight -- only 8 pounds.
  • Operator can sand 10' ceilings without using stilts or a scaffold.
  • Motor and sanding head are balanced for easy control and handling.
  • Patented foam-backed abrasive sanding pads virtually eliminate swirl marks.
  • Articulating sanding head enables operator to sand from numerous positions and angles.
  • The perimeter brushes help the tool "float" on the surface for a uniform finish.
  • Hose is 13 feet long so large areas can be sanded without moving vacuum.
  • Variable speed dial (1,000 to 2000 RPM) adapts sanding pad speed to the application.
  • Powerful 3.5 AMP motor features serviceable brushes.

Standard equipment: Tool, 100 grit sanding pad, 13 foot static dissipating 1-1/4" vacuum hose, and operating manual. Vacuum not included. See Model 7812.

Other Uses:

Pre Paint Sanding of Walls :

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Product Info
We encourage homeowners, contractors, and builders to contact us for more information about the tools and methods discussed here. We hope to encourage the widespread use of these methods, which create a cleaner, safer job site, and greatly reduce the unacceptable amount of dust remaining in many buildings and new homes.

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