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Seal N Peel


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Product Description

This Tape uses a specially formulated 100% acrylic adhesive that allows it to remove cleanly even when exposed to direct sunlight, even up to 15 days. It provides the perfect amount of adhesion to give you clean, straight lines when masking. It is absolutely the best safe-release tape we have found.

Our Green Tape is different than the other sunlight stable tapes you see in most stores. This tape outperforms all others we have evaluated. This tape has the perfect balance between adhesion and release. Many safe- release tapes leave messy adhesive residue on the surface. With this GREEN Safe Release, we get the cleanest sharpest lines possible.

We have used and tested it on a variety of jobs, including waterbased multicolor coatings, thin clear coatings, and freshly painted interior trim. It works well for masking cabinets, trim, hardwood, and a variety of other surfaces.

Technical Information

Tape should not be used on uncured, newly painted surfaces, flat latex paint, or delicate wall paper. It should also not be used with lacquer. We recommend you test all surfaces for suitability before using. If you need a more delicate tape, please check below:

For more delicate surfaces:
Purple Delicate SurfaceTape

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