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Drywall Hand Sander
Vacuum Attachment

Quantity : $27.50


120 grit Sanding Screens

Quantity: $3.50 per pkg of 2
Disposable Dust Collection Bag
Quantity: $18.00 per pkg of 2
  • Drywall Dust

    Product Description

    Dustless sanding using your commercial vacuum for clean, dustless drywall sanding. It is lightweight and easy to use.

    Multi-channel rubber plate vacuums dust away from the entire surface area. Variable suction control valve controls suction strength.

    Technical Information

    Uses screen mesh abrasive sold separately.

    For use with shop style vacuum properly equipped with a high efficiency dust-collection bag.

    The bag protects the vacuum motor, and prevents dust from being recirculated through the vacuum exhaust.

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