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Moisture Test Tool

Price $24.95

Product Description

The Sonin Moisture Test Tool

The Sonin Moisture Test Tool's 4-light system helps alert users to possible moisture problems.
Press the metal contact probes into hard or soft wood, sheet rock, or carpet; or press into concrete or plaster to indicate how much moisture is present.
Moisture range is 14 to 20-percent.

Technical Information
Does not give moisture percentage reading.
Detects 4 levels of moisture to track leaks, and detect levels of moisture in a variety of construction materials, and surfaces.

Requires one 9V battery (not included)
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Product Info
Check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or laying floors or tile.

Check decks before staining or sealing.

Locate & trace roof leaks and water seepage. Assess the extent of wet rot & hidden condensation.

Detect level of moisture present in wood, sheetrock, carpets & more.

Find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present.

Test hard or soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet and more to determine the extent of moisture problems.

Helps to select drier lumber
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