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Sadly, this product has been discontinued.

For High Performance Drywall Dust Collection with your shop vacuum

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Product Description

OmegaBag is made with a special weave of nylon material that protects your vacuum from abrasive dust particles while optimizing suction power. The superior strength of OmegaBag permits dry-materials cleanup up including nails, screws, and especially drywall dust.

OmegaBag can extend the life of a shop style vacuum motor by protecting from damaging drywall dust. In many cases, OmegaBag pays for itself within weeks-in time and cost savings over filters and paper vacuum bags.

The Omegabag can be quickly emptied through a specialized Velcro™ closure across the bottom. It is washable and installs in seconds without the need for tools. This is a permanent dust collection bag that lasts years. OmegaBag will not tear or leak like traditional paper vacuum bags.

Technical Information

OmegaBag easily attaches to most standard wet/dry shop style vacuums with no special tools or adapters needed.

OmegaBag captures the drywall dust keeping canister and filter clean. This means maximum suction and faster clean up. Without OmegaBag, the filter can quickly clog, needing cleaned or replaced frequently, resulting in additional cost and increased downtime.

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    "The OmegaBag can also be used with most shop vacuums for a variety of other cleaning tasks."

    "Eliminate the mess and inconvenience of repeatedly beating, cleaning, and replacing cartridge filters on your shop style vacuum.

    The OmegaBag efficiently captures debris for easy disposal through a specialized Velcro™ closure across the bottom."
Product Info

Drywall sanding creates a tremendous amount of dust.

Usually, painters are the ones stuck holding the bag…If you presently use paper filtration bags in your commercial vacuum for jobsite pre paint cleanup, or any shop vacuuming , we encourage you to try the superior OmegaBag™.

We encourage homeowners, contractors, and builders to contact us for more information about the tools and methods discussed here.

We hope to encourage the widespread use of these methods, which create a cleaner, safer job site and greatly reduce the unacceptable amount of dust remaining in many buildings and new homes.

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