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From: Keith
To: info@paintsource.net
Subject: One TIME on Cedar

Hello, can you explain the reason for the following statement from your web site?

"NEW CEDAR AND REDWOOD decking needs to be naturally weathered a few months before applying One TIME®.  Choose Red Cedar or Clove Brown for the best performance on any cedar and redwood."

I have some decking material in cedar that has been drying in the garage for about a month. I would like to apply One TIME on the cedar lumber before I build the deck so that I can cover all surface of the wood. If I build the deck and let it weather for a few months, I wouldn't’t be able to coat the underside. It will also be in the rainy season. So I wonder what the reason is for the statement and if I really need to follow it. I would also prefer Honey Gold. Why are the two colors mentioned in the statement more preferable? Thanks



The weathering is to “open up” the wood a little. Many times cedar and redwood come very slick from the milling process, and can inhibit the penetration of the One TIME.  The slickness can be alleviated by weathering, sanding, and in some cases a cleaner or mill-glaze remover.

Some clients choose to coat back side and end grain saw cuts during construction, then let the deck weather a bit before coating. You could pre-sand the top side, then coat all 6 sides prior to construction. The downside is you would need to coat the bottom (unsanded, un-prepped is fine), allow it to cure in the sun, then flip the boards and do the top. Sometimes it is just easier to coat topside in place.

The Golden Honey is fine. We just don’t like the Natural on cedar, as there is very little pigment for UV protection. Golden Honey is a newer color released after we wrote the article.

From: Mychele
Subject: Using One Time on an old deck

We have a deck that is 20 years old and we have been power washing it every two years and then applying Thompsons and more recently Cabot Clear Finish.  All of these products last two years max.  We have never put a stain on or anything with color.  I am very interested in the One Time Wood product since it is said to last 7 years.  I have several questions:



Those are all common questions. We too, are frustrated at the performance at most of what is available at the big boxes and warehouses. One TIME is more of a protector than a stain, so the wood is protected for several years against moisture intrusion, and fungal attachment to the wood. What that means is that you will not have to ever strip or use bleaches and other harsh chemistry again. Unfortunately, because the failed products used are still present on some of the wood, it will need to be stripped. This can be achieved by chemical softening and removal, in combination with sanding in some cases.

Do I have to strip the old finish?
 Power washing alone will remove some surface product, and some dead wood fiber, but we like to do it chemically. The more bare the wood, the more One TIME that can soak in and cure to protect your wood. Long answer to a short question- Yes…You must use a chemical stripper when an existing failed product has been previously applied to the wood.

Curing in Limited Light

As long as it is not a covered area more than 10 or 12 feet in, and it gets daylight, even indirect, it should eventually cure…it just may take a few days or longer.  Just do a test. Put some One TIME Liquid Sample on a piece of wood, and place in the least lighted area and see how it cures.

Does the Natural One Time Wood provide protection for as long as the colors?
The Natural does not provide as much UV resistance as the other darker colors. You may need to refresh color a little more frequently with the Natural, and you can always step to a darker color later.

I hope this helps.


From: Mike
To: info@paintsource.net
Subject: Applying One TIME to "Thompsonized" and
other Water-Repellant pre-treated wood.

Thank you for the wonderful information on your website. We would like to apply OneTime to our newly constructed deck. It was built with Water Repellent pressure treated wood, and it is low to the ground (approx 1 foot some areas). We are not able to access the underside for treatment.  The deck does get plenty of sun (Florida) and is ventilated along one side.  Would you recommend OneTime for our situation, and if so, how long should we wait before applying it?  Thank you for your help!


Some Treated Lumber is coated during the pre-treating process using paraffin wax or other treatment. Not all Treated Lumber will contain a water repellant. It is always best to consult with the manufacturer or reseller of the wood for their recommendations. It is always best to look at the tag on the wood, then give us a call or email.  The proper staining time will vary for each brand of Treated Wood.

Some wood will require weathering for several months. Some pre-treated wood would require stripping to achieve satisfactory results with One TIME or any other product. Probably good to do a water test. If water will not soak into the wood, One TIME may not soak in either. Most treated lumber comes to the jobsite at about 60% moisture. The surface wood will certainly need 30 days or more to dry down to the desired 20 % ambient moisture content before considering treatment with a wood protector. Save some of the wood scraps for testing and weathering. You will be able to weather, or strip the scraps, then apply One TIME and see how it does.

When One TIME can soak into the wood and cure, it will give the most consistent, low cost, and easy maintenance for deck care and beautification. More...

While we always prefer the backside and end-grain coating of wood for optimal performance of the wood, One TIME is still the best choice for wood that is not backside coated. One TIME will perform the same regardless of the backside. What backside coating affects is the resistance to a wet wood underside leading to warping or cupping of the wood. When the top side is dry, and the bottom is wet, wood wants to start curling a little. It is a long-term effect. Ventilation will reduce this effect, as well as good drainage and drying of the underlying ground. If your wood is truly pre coated with an effective water-repellant, then you will not likely see any problems. When topside coating with One TIME, be sure to apply liberally to all butt joints of saw cuts, and to end grain exposed around the perimeter.

I hope this helps. We have Sample Bottles available for your testing.


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