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One TIME Wood Protector Discussion
Doug Wilson

I have personally used and tested One TIME Wood Protector, as well as talking to many other clients across the country who have used it for a few years. I believe this is the best choice for "headache free deck and log home care."

I have evaluated, tested, and reviewed many many deck and log care products both as a former contractor and as a technical coatings consultant. One TIME Wood Protector is the closest to "the perfect product" for most homeowners. The biggest frustration and an environmental disaster are the products that lead to eventual stripping and sanding. Most "acrylic stains" eventually fail, and build up color, but are very difficult to strip, yet they are continually sold. I just think the majority of acrylics being touted are one of the biggest problems with deck care, and log homes. I, like everyone else would love to find a good acrylic, but we are just not there yet with the technology. We have found only one long-lasting translucent acrylic among all we have tested. The majority of acrylics available in the Warehouse and Depot type stores have led to many, many preventable failures among the clients we consult with across the country.

Most traditional oil based stains contain mildew-feeding linseed oil, and last only a year or two. Many products are highly advertised with false longevity claims. Frequent maintenance coats of most oil based stains generally lead to a darkening over time, and eventual stripping. Many deck and log care product reviews or comparisons rate products in a laboratory setting, and fail to consider the beauty of the wood, and real world circumstances. Most deck staining products we see advertised and endorsed carry false claims with respect to longevity. They fail to account for the frequent maintenance required .

One TIME cures in sunlight, so if we have an enclosed covered deck, we would look at another options. Certainly there are a couple of other products we choose in some instances, for example-when a client wants a shiny finish.

Bottom line, I just think the One TIME does what it says: wood is protected from mildew and moisture for several years, and we can easily refresh color whenever we desire without ever stripping or even heavy chemical cleaning. I describe it as "non-problematic", unlike most other choices out there.

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One TIME® can be used on virtually any exterior wood:

  • New or old wood
  • Pressure treated or natural wood

  • We have tested numerous products over the years, and One TIME is the closest to the perfect Deck and Log Home care product we have found. Please contact us for details about our experience with this product.

    Doug Wilson
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