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Follow these simple tips when applying One TIME® for maximum results.

Estimate the amount of One TIME® needed.
New Wood 1 Gallon for every 300-350 square feet of wood surface.
Old Wood - 1 Gallon for every 250-300 square feet of wood surface.
These are Guidelines for estimating. Some rough -sawn and older wood may
result in lower spread rates.

Check for any loose boards, steps or benches and exposed nails or screws. Reset or replace any loose nails or screws.

Cover surrounding vegetation with plastic tarps to protect it from any chemicals.

Other wood protection products must be removed before applying One TIME®. You should use a quality stain and sealer remover (deck stripper) to remove most treatment products ( acrylic coatings are more difficult to strip). Thoroughly rinse and allow wood to dry for 48 hours before applying One TIME®.

Smooth NEW CEDAR AND REDWOOD should weather a few months before applying One TIME. Slick or mill glazed wood may need to be lightly sanded, in addition to cleaning, before the application of One TIME. We highly suggest using the darker colors on Redwood and Cedar for the highest UV protection.

If the wood surface has never been treated, thoroughly clean the wood surface with an appropriate cleaner based on the existing condition of the wood. We can advise you based on your specific project.

Remove any feathered areas in your wood with a light sanding.

Make sure there is no chance of rain for the next 48 hours and the temperature should be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

OneTime uses ultraviolet exposure to cure. DO NOT APPLY the product in an enclosure or large roof covered areas. Normal porches with a roof of about 8 feet or less are okay.

Apply One TIME® with a brush, low nap roller, paint pad, but do not over apply. Allow the wood to dry for 48 hours.

After applying One TIME, new wood (1-3yrs.) can emit a whitish-yellowish substance (sap) usually from the knot area(s) on the wood. This substance can be removed by sanding and/or by using a solvent based cleaner. Knots are very dense and often will not allow One TIME to penetrate into the wood and will look different then the rest of the wood. This is a normal characteristic of wood.

After 1 year One TIME treated wood can be cleaned with a mild soap and water.

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