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The PaintSource team has tested and written reviews on numerous wood coatings for the past 20 years. We share with you the proven solutions we have found. Many times we cross paths with like-minded individuals who have a similar passion for wood care. The following review really explains the benefits of the right choice when selecting wood care products for your log home.

February 26, 2008

We are a Custom Log Home Builder that caters to those wanting a vacation or retirement home in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio.  Because we build mostly secondary homes, our clients want to enjoy the nostalgic comfort of a log home without all of the maintenance.  One TIME Wood Protector helps us to accomplish this key attribute for our clients.

We started using One TIME Wood Protector in 2003 and have applications on over twenty log homes and several wood sided structures using all colors of this product.  There are several reasons why we believe so strongly in One TIME Wood Protector:

1) One TIME is easily applied and you can not “over coat” the product, which alleviates any overlap issues.  We consider the application of One TIME to be so easy that anyone can apply it.

2) One TIME covers with only ONE coat.

3) One TIME offers a nice variety of colors with a constant focus on expanding their options.

4) When application of One TIME takes more than one day, all that is needed is to cover your bushes/rollers with a black plastic bag and you are ready to continue painting the next day, even if the next day is after a weekend.

5) One TIME actually penetrates into the wood instead of just laying on top, which gives the wood greater protection against mold and moisture damage.
            We also believe it is noteworthy to mention the long term key attributes of One TIME:

1) With One TIME we are able to go back 1, 2 and even 3 years later and add additions or additional buildings in close proximity to our original structure and obtain a nice match in color to the original structure.

2) We have been reconditioning some of our older log homes that preceded our use of One TIME and have found that the preparation before we can even begin to re-stain the homes are as high as $8 to $9 a square foot for our non-One TIME log homes. These preparation cost are zero when the time comes for a second application of One TIME, because there is no preparation, you simply just apply the product.

3) And of course…we love that One TIME has a 7 year guarantee, which is the largest advantage for our clients looking for minimal maintenance log homes.

    In summary, we not only enjoy the product and all of its amazing features, but we also enjoy our relationship with Scott and his team at One TIME!  Thanks guys…you really do offer an outstanding product!

Sincere Regards,

Tim Sr., Chris, Tim, and Sarah Jubach

The Jubach Company
Log Home & Land

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