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2" Delicate Surface
Safe Release tap


Product Description

This delicate surface, low tack tape gives crisp, clean lines when masking. Purple color gives contrast allowing precise application for sharp, straight lines. Crepe paper for conformity around corners.

Technical Information

Technologically advanced low-tack adhesive makes this the best tape for flat latex, freshly cured paints, wallpaper, and other delicate surfaces. Unlike most delicate surface tapes, PURPLE Tape stays put on any clean surface, yet safely releases without damaging most delicate surfaces.

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Product Info
Use PURPLE Tape for masking off the ceiling before painting walls for the best results.

Tape can be used to mask finished walls before painting trim. However, we recommend painting trim first, then masking trim with
Painters GREEN Tape, before painting walls.

PURPLE Tape is our product of choice for masking delicate surfaces including wallpaper, faux finishes, flat latex, and ceilings.

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