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Big Stretch® is a water-based product for caulking and sealing doors, windows and siding. Big Stretch won't crack and fall away -- it just stretches -- over 500%! Big Stretch accomodates the movement all houses go through as temperature, wind and seasonal changes occur.

Lexel® is an ultra-premium sealant that's the superior or successor to silicone: Lexel's adhesion is superior to silicone; it can be painted; and it sticks to itself so Lexel will self-repair just by adding a new layer on top of the existing one. Lexel Clear applies and stays clear -- it's up to 19-times clearer than silicone. Lexel White stays brilliantly white.

Through the Roof!™ is Sashcos' roof repair kit in a cartridge or can. Use it for clear, flexible, permanent seals around rooftop fixtures and on all roofing materials including shingles, tiles, and shakes. It sticks to wet surfaces too. Through the Roof! can help prevent damaging winter ice dams.

MildewFree Sealant* comes with a 7 year replacement warranty**. MildewFree Sealant is resistant to damage from abrasive cleaners and maintains a water tight seal. It is easy to apply and ideal for both kitchen and bath applications. It is also great for resetting tiles. MildewFree Sealant* comes in two popular colors - White and Linen.
*Cured sealant is mildew resistant **Guaranteed for 7 Years to prevent mildew growth on the sealant: If mildew growth occurs on the sealant (not on soap film), within 7 years of purchase, Sashco will replace the product and provide a contractor for re-installation.
Mor-Flexx™ is textured so it looks like mortar, but stretches like rubber to accommodate movement. It won't dry hard, crack and fall away. And it's paintable for a fix that can "disappear."

Use a drip-free caulk gun for a superior job. A Drip-Free Caulk Gun will allow the most control
during application, which helps reduce the amount of hand tooling required.

No type of caulk serves all purposes. Many homes will require two or more types of caulk for
various surfaces and conditions. You must seek caulking that is acceptable based on your
specific project requirements. We will be happy to assist you in determining the products to consider for
your project.

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Use Sashco Caulk for proven performance.

Big Stretch® - Ideal for ALL New and Replacement Doors, Windows and Siding, Including Vinyl

Lexel® - Ideal for Wood, Metal, Concrete, Plastic, and Ceramic

- Ideal for
Mortar and Stucco Repair-

Through the Roof!™ - Ideal for ALL Roofing Materials, Including Tile and Shakes.

* Pro Tips *
The underside of interior window trim should be inspected for proper caulking. Many times, the inside trim under a window does not get caulked.

Moisture can be drawn into wood on exterior window sills from within the structure through gaps or cracks around the interior side of openings. Air can enter and exit through these openings leading to poor heating and cooling efficiency.

Please contact us and we will help you find the bsst caulk for your project.