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Deck Coating Basics from from Sikkens Wood Coatings

Your deck is the central part of your outdoor living space. To maximize the beauty and durability use Sikkens Wood Care Products.

Decks and Handrails

Horizontal surfaces are exposed to the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. These areas also receive high levels of moisture from the rain and snow and this moisture can sit on the surface for days or even weeks. Decks that are built low to the ground (less than two (2) feet) or are skirted cannot be well ventilated therefore, the moisture cannot escape below the deck. This means the boards are constantly subjected to moisture not only from above but also below.

Decks are subject to physical damage from foot traffic and scraping garden furniture. Physical damage to the coating accelerates the damage caused by the elements.

Due to these factors, we say that a deck is a unique situation. For a coating to properly perform under this variety of harsh conditions, there is little room for haphazard preparation, application or maintenance.

Since the horizontal surfaces of a deck are subjected to ultraviolet rays, standing water and excessive moisture, any film building coating can experience some degree of peeling because these elements can literally push the coating off the wood surface. Therefore, it is essential to properly prepare the surface as described in the exterior wood preparation procedures section before coating.

Cetol DEK Finish and Rubbol Solid DEK will perform if applied and maintained to prescribed recommendations. Rapid deterioration of the deck surface can occur however, when there is standing water, spray from sprinkling systems, unventilated or skirted decks or, in the case of the Cetol DEK system, when the deck sits less than two (2) feet from the ground. If your deck will be subjected to these conditions, Cetol DEK Finish or Rubbol DEK systems are not recommended. In the case of the low lying decks or skirted/non-ventilated decks, Cetol SRD is recommended. Good drainage can be achieved by leaving adequate gapping (at least 3/16 - 1/4 inch) between the floor boards.

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