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Sikkens Cetol DEK
This product has been discontinued, and replaced by:

Cetol DEK Finish

(DEK Finish is a higher solids 2 coat system )

Product Description



Protective translucent maintenance topcoat for decks previously finished with the Cetol DEK / DEK Base system, or as a premium finish for hardwoods (ie., mahogany, ipe).

Decks, railings, lattice, benches, deck furniture, covered porches, composite wood

Highly transparent, excellent barrier to UV rays, flexible, breathable “furniture look” finish and water repellent.

Cetol DEK can only be used on decks at least 2 feet above the ground. Underside of boards must be sealed for proper performance. For poorly ventilated decks, boat docks,or decks less than 2 feet from the ground use Cetol SRD.

Alkyd Oil

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Other Information

Exotic Hardwood Applications

Tropical rain forest produce exotic types of wood classified as hardwoods: mahogany, ipe, teak and others. These woods exhibit a dense cell structure which may reduce the ability of a coating to penetrate the wood surface

Natural oils that exist in some species can migrate to the surface and may affect the adhesion of the wood coating.

HINT: To ensure the best coating performance on these oily woods, wipe the surface with acetone to remove excess oils immediately prior to applying one of the hardwood systems.

NOTE: Do not use Cetol DEK Base on the above described hardwoods. Use a 3 coat system of Cetol DEK only.

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