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Sample cans are available at many local independent dealers.

Sikkens Finishes preserve, protect and bring out the natural beauty of all types of wood. One aspect which is common to wood species is that it needs superior protection from the elements. To keep your project looking Simply Beautiful, choose Sikkens.

Rubbol® is the brand for the opaque or solid color coatings. This product line dates back to the 1930's when Sikkens innovative research and development, engineered Rubbol as one of the first flexible coatings for the European market. It is this name Rubbol which personifies the flexibility, breathability and durability of these product lines.

Cetol® is the brand name of Sikkens products that fall into either the translucent or clear categories. When you see a product with Cetol on the label, this product will allow you to see all the wood grain and character of the wood.


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