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SIKKENS® wood finishes have a new name.

A premium exterior wood finishes brand for decks, logs and siding, doors, windows and interior finishes, the Sikkens brand has become the PPG PROLUXE™ brand.

The PaintSource Network is where to buy Sikkens Wood Finishes now PPG Proluxe.

 PaintSource ships direct to your door, with average delivery time of 2 days.

As we integrate the new label into our inventory, you may still receive some products with the old Sikkens label when you order from PaintSource.

Sikkens PROLUXE Wood Finishes preserve, protect, and bring out the natural beauty of all types of wood. PaintSource is where to buy Proluxe Wood Finish.

PaintSource has shipped Sikkens products to thousands of friends and clients across the country since 1999. PaintSource is where to buy Sikkens, with an average delivery time of 2 days.

If you are simply seeking a local dealer, contact PPG ProLuxe directly. We provide these links as a courtesy to clients who are having difficulty finding Sikkens products or Sikken's ProLuxe website. The stores listed on the PPG website are not affiliated with PaintSource. Additionally, we do not provide tech support to clients who purchased Sikkens SRD at Home Depot.

As we do not receive any compensation for our consultation, please do not call us for advice or assistance with these products if you are not purchasing from PaintSource.

Sikkens Proluxe customer service can be reached at 1-866-745-5367.

Below are brief descriptions of the PROLUXE Wood Finishes currently available for delivery from PaintSource.net in Lexington KY USA.

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Cetol Maintenance Clear


Cetol Maintenance is a premium, non-pigmented
exterior finish to be used over existing
Cetol 23 Plus or Cetol Log & Siding as a
maintenance coat.

Typically with maintenance coats, pigmented products will further darken the wood. With a one coat application of Cetol
the wood will retain the same look and color.

Recommended Uses:
Exterior Logs, siding, fences, wood entrance doors, garage doors and window frames previously coated with the Cetol1 and Cetol 23 System, or Log& Siding Finish System.

cetol 1

Cetol 1 RE is a translucent exterior wood finish that separates wood from the elements with a durable surface barrier, which repels water, while allowing excess moisture to escape. It penetrates deep into the wood sealing and protecting it. Cetol 1 remains firmly attached to the wood and provides a perfect surface to accept the next layer of protection, Cetol 23 RE.

Recommended Uses
Exterior wood entrance doors, garage doors and
window frames, as well as fiberglass doors. (May be
used on the interior side of exterior doors and
windows, but will take longer to dry.)

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sikkens cetol 23

Cetol 23 RE offers a greater degree of protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light in areas of high elevation or intense sunlight. The secret is an unprecedented use of two UV-absorbing materials, widely dispersed and permanently fixed into the surface film. Cetol 23 Plus firmly retains its elasticity making it the ideal translucent topcoat for exterior siding applications.

Recommended Uses
Exterior wood entrance doors, garage doors and window frames, as well as fiberglass doors. Used in conjunction with Cetol 1as a protective topcoat for exterior wood. Normally used as the last one or two coats in the Cetol 1 - Cetol 23 Plus system.

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sikkens Door & Window

Cetol Door & Window
is a high performance
exterior coating for specialty applications such as
entrance doors, garage doors, and windows.
Available in 4 translucent ready mix colors in satin
and in Clear Satin and Clear Gloss.

Recommended Uses
Wooden Doors, Windows, Garage Doors, and Fiberglass Doors.

Gloss Available Here

Satin Available Here



Cetol DEK Finish

DEK Finish contains special binders and transparent iron oxide pigments providing long term protection from harmful UV rays. Cetol DEK Finish is a high performance, alkyd high solids translucent satin finish for decks.

Recommended Uses:

Decks, Lattice, Railings, Benches.

May be used on: Pressure Treated Wood, Pine, Hardwoods, Cedar, Redwood, and Composite Wood.

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Why PaintSource Chooses Sikkens for Decks

Cetol SRD is a translucent exterior stain specially formulated to provide a water repellent finish for many demanding areas of the home. Cetol SRD is an easy to use effective coating for all outdoor wooden surfaces. It uses finely ground iron oxide pigments creating a rich, natural color and offers a unique protective layer against, rain, snow and UV rays.

Recommended Uses
Cetol SRD is for application to areas normally troublesome to
coat with film-forming products. These application areas include
roofs, wall shakes, shingles, and decks. One coat application.
(Refer to Sikkens Application Guide for details).

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Low, or poorly ventilated decks as well as docks, require special attention, due to the damaging effects of moisture from above and below. Film -forming products are not recommended in these applications. For these demanding applications Cetol SRD incorporates finely ground transparent iron oxide pigments in a non-film-forming formulation. These specialized pigments in combination with premium alkyd binders produce a rich, natural and uniform coloration of the wood surface, as well as providing a barrier against moisture and UV damage and offering exceptional durability in a one-coat application.

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