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Multi-measure™ 60 PRO
Distance Measuring Device


Item #320-065

Product Description

Professional Electronic Distance Measuring Tool.

Measures from 1'6" Up To 60 Feet(18 meters).
Computes areas and volumes.
Adds linear measurements, area, volumes.
Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm, decimal Ft. and Yds.
Tracking and Validate Modes.
Can measure from top or bottom of unit.
7 memories with easy recall.
Automatic internal temperature compensation.
Auto shut-off 7 minutes after last use.
Multi-lingual Detailed instruction booklet.
Multi-linqual Quick Reference instruction label.
Low Battery Warning.
Requires only One 9 Volt Battery(not included).
Accuracy 99.5% +/- 1/4"(1cm).
Protective Pouch with Belt Loop.
One Year Warranty

Technical Information

9 Volt Batteries Required

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