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Product Description
This Wood coating system is a proven exterior translucent satin wood finish. The special oil alkyd resin formulation is combined with special iron oxide, ultraviolet reflecting/ absorbing pigments. This protection formulation is intended to establish and sustain a grain and texture-defining natural new wood appearance to your new or weathered wood.

NatureColor™ Base Coat is used on exterior vertical surfaces as the first and second coat of a recommended three-coat system. It can also be used alone as a one coat application on decks, docks, railings and other weather-exposed horizontal surfaces.

NatureColor™ Recoater is used on exterior vertical surfaces as a system-completing topcoat over NatureColor™ Base Coat. For optimum performance all three coats should be applied within one month. If weather, budget, or time becomes an issue, NatureColor™ Recoater can be applied within one year of the initial NatureColor™ Base Coat applications. (Note: surface preparation must be followed if four weeks time has lapsed between coats.) NatureColor™ Recoater is also used as a subsequent single application maintenance coat. Under qualified circumstances, it may also be used as a renovation coat over other finishes, subject to condition of the wood surface and finish applied to it, compatibility of coating chemistry, etc.

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Describing NatureColor® Base and Recoater

Here are some descriptions of NatureColor® Base and Recoater products that we use when explaining the NatureColor® translucent protective wood finish used on a vertical siding system.

NatureColor® Base Coat and Recoater are both an alkyd oil based synthesis of resins, polymers, pigments and fungicides.

Together these two products form a wood protection system that is a translucent weathering shield over the surface of your wood.  It is this shield that sacrifices itself to the elements rather than the wood.  The usual recommended protection system is two coats of Base and one coat of Recoater.  In some cases, one coat of Base Coat and two coats of Recoater may be recommended.

NatureColor® Base coat is thinner in consistency than NatureColor® Recoater.  The first coat of Base Coat penetrates into the wood and acts as the anchor.  The second coat of Base Coat bonds to that foundation and starts building the shield.

Recoater is the last coat applied and has a thicker consistency.  It has more solids (45% by weight) creating a thicker film and therefore completes the barrier to the weathering elements.

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