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NatureOne™ Acrylic - Tech Notes


Structures Wood Care Products for enduring beauty. The excellent adhesion of NatureOne® 100% Acrylic Exterior

NatureOne®100% Acrylic Exterior with its acrylic resin technology has several remarkable qualities. It is naturally breathable, has excellent UV resistance, is color stable, retains flexibility, and has excellent adhesion. Let’s discuss its excellent adhesion qualities in more depth.

The resins used in NatureOne® are of the finest quality and are used in Europe in the joinery business. The tight grain wood used in this door and window industry requires a resin with excellent adhesion. NatureOne with specially built in adhesion promoters provides excellent initial and long term bond to the wood substrate. In fact it provides good adhesion to existing alkyd finishes. With the lower VOC levels being implemented nation wide in the near future and customers seeking environmentally friendly products, this feature becomes more significant.

Proper surface preparation must be completed on all previously coated surfaces prior to recoating. Even if the existing alkyd oil or waterbased system is in good condition it must be power washed with a cleaning solution. When the condition of the coating is past this point, evaluating what process should be done can be difficult, and may need assesment by a coatings consultatant.

A couple of points to remember:

  • NatureOne® is a translucent finish. It will not hide any blotchy or dark areas.
  • Good adhesion of the original coating is essential. Take an eight inch piece of clear packaging tape, press the center of the tape and peel the tape back. Is there residue of the old coating sticking to the tape?  If so, the adhesion of the original coating is poor and needs to be stripped.  Perform this tape test in several areas to assure that good adhesion exists on the entire structure. You can be sure that if there is failure, the last product applied, is the product that will be blamed.
  • Moisture in wood is the reason for a peeling type failure. Remove old caulking or chinking and reapply. Fill upward facing cracks in logs that are ¼ inch or larger in size with caulk. For smaller cracks fill with extra NatureOne® finish as you are coating. Check the condition of flashing or install. Check doors, windows, chimneys for water intrusion. Are the gutters clean and in good condition?

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