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Nature One Acrylic Wood Coating
NatureOne™ Acrylic

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Product Description

This Wood Coating is a top quality 100% Acrylic Exterior translucent finish for new and weathered wood.
It Penetrates deeply and is water-repellant.
Formulated with U.V. filter technology for maximum wood protection.
Provides a beautiful natural tone that will last for years. NatureOne™ Acrylic Exterior is Recommended as a two-coat system for horizontal surfaces such as decks.
Use as a three-coat system for vertical surfaces such as siding, logs, trim, shutters, garage doors, fencing and patio furniture.

Product Advantages

NatureOne™ represents an evolution in exterior wood coatings technology providing optimal protection for wood in a user-friendly translucent acrylic formulation.

Acrylic Technology
• Dries quickly
• Naturally breathable – the open film structure allows for natural moisture exchange
• Color stable – does not darken with age
• Excellent adhesion – specially built in adhesion promoters provide excellent initial and long term adhesion to wood substrate
• Film retains flexibility long term - Acrylic is cured in seven days. Oxidation does not continue to harden the finish.
• UVA/HALS Technology – the latest UV screening technology

Trans Oxide Pigmentation
• Provides many more pigment particles per square unit providing superior UV protection than conventional iron oxide pigmentation.
• Provides excellent deflection of the harmful ultraviolet light.
• Excellent clarity due to the small pigment particle size provides excellent clarity.
• UVA/HALS, this combination chemistry increases protection of the wood and also enhances the film further to stabilize the film against UV rays.

Technical Data

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