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About Structures Wood Care

Structures Wood Care is part of a coalition of people whom for over 30 years have been continually engaged in the design, construction, and finishing of homes and commercial buildings in natural wood motifs. Their team members providing customer support include the persons who in the early 1970s first brought to America the breakthrough translucent wood finish technology found in NatureColor®. While then unknown in the United States, this formulation had been developed by competing Dutch and Scandinavian wood coating manufacturers and was widely used throughout Western Europe. What followed was nearly three decades of pioneering American market development focused exclusively on this wood finish system.

In 2003 NatureOne™ 100% acrylic exterior was introduced into the American market. Structures knowledge of old world finishes and years of maintaining the exterior of wood homes has been united with cutting edge European resins and American technology to create environmentally safe coatings for natural wood homes.

Having now supplied over 600,000 gallons of outdoor translucent wood finishes to thousands of home and commercial building owners all over the country under every application scenario imaginable, you can be absolutely assured they are qualified to competently serve you. From years of personal trial and error hands-on experience, Structures learned exactly how to succeed in creating enduringly attractive outdoor natural wood structures. All of the knowledge they have gained they offer as an advisory resource when you purchase their finish system.

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Check Moisture content of wood before applying exterior Wood Coatings.

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