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Waterlox Marine Gloss Finish

$89.00 Gallon


$35.00 / Quart

Product Description

  • High Gloss, Exterior Use.
  • 50% Solids
  • Made from Tung Oil and a special resin that provides a high gloss that stands up to sun, salt and fresh water exposure. When the gloss level begins to fade from sun/UV
  • exposure,recoat the surface. Simply clean the surface and re-coat; sanding down to bare wood is not necessary.
  • Applies easily with a China bristle brush, cloth, or roller. Sanding is not necessary between coats for adhesion purposes.
  • Coverage: 500 square feet per gallon per coat


  • Specially made for boat decks, bright work and spars and for other heavy-duty exterior applications, such as exterior doors and garage doors.
  • Use as a finish coat for an exterior, high gloss finish over 1-2 coats of Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish
  • Not recommended for use on pressure treated woods.

Technical Information

Waterlox Technical

Product Information
Waterlox Marine Finish creates elegant enduring beauty on any wood surface.

Maintenance is easy:
Just clean, and apply a rejuvenating maintenance coat as needed. No sanding required.

Product is non- film forming, and will not peel.

In severe UV exposure, maintenance can be required at 8-16 months.

The elegant natural look of Waterlox Marine Satin or Gloss on fine exterior wood components is unparalleled.

Finish Bulletin
Material Safety Data Sheet
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Pro Tips

Waterlox Marine Coatings Project Guide

When coating exterior doors, be sure to coat top, sides, and especially the bottom to prevent moisture intrusion.'