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Waterlox Urethane
Waterlox Gloss
Tung Oil Urethane

TB 4252

$67.00 / gallon SPECIAL


Product Description

  • This formulation is product number TB 4252.

  • Provides a high gloss sheen (85° gloss level) and a rock-hard finish

  • 40% solids.

  • Unlike linseed oil modified urethanes, our Soya modified urethanes remain crystal clear and pure.
  • Coverage/Thinning. 500 square feet per gallon per coat. No thinning necessary.

  • Drytime. Our general rule of thumb is to wait 6-12 hours between coats. Poor ventilation, high humidity or cool temperatures may increase dry times.
  • Use to provide a high gloss finish to interior wood projects such as floors, woodwork and countertops.

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Product Info


All interior wood surfaces, including wood floors, cabinetry, floors, furniture (non-toxic when dry), paneling, bar tops, kitchen table tops, and more.

Great for use on interior slate, brick, and stone.

Great for restoring antiques, furniture, fly fishing rods, and gunstocks.

Excellent on oily exotic woods such as teak, rosewood, and other dense-grained woods.

For exterior projects such as: marine furniture, paneling, boat woodwork, plant stands, doors, shutters, railings and fences, use our marine finish.

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