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General FGAs (Frequently Given Answers) about Waterlox Processed Tung Oil Finishes

Q How can PaintSource offer personal service and consultation, and a low price?
A We get a few hundred gallons of Waterlox into our warehouse on pallets, and repackage for UPS shipping to our clients. Our volume buying, and efficient operations allow us to pass on these savings to our customers.  Our pricing also reflects additional savings through online processing of the transaction.
Q How do I store Waterlox Processed Tung Oil products that I’ve opened?
A Waterlox Processed Tung Oil products dry through oxidation. When a container is opened, it is exposed to more oxygen. When the container is opened and the product is used, the remaining unused portions begin to dry or oxidize. It is important to remove the oxygen in the can by any one of the methods discussed.

  1. Transfer unused portions of Waterlox Processed Tung Oil products to smaller, air-tight, tightly sealed jars,

  2. Raise the level in the original container by adding clean marbles or clean stones to the container.

  3. Add Bloxygen an inert gas that displaces the oxygen to the container.

  4. Squeeze the sides of the can together to move the liquid to the top of the can, displacing the oxygen.

Q How do I care for or maintain a wood surface finished with Waterlox Original finishes?
A For Floors: Wait until your floor has dried and cured before you use any cleaning products on the surface (this usually takes one (1) week). For floors, we recommend using a vacuum, broom, or damp mop or a Swiffer® on the surface as needed. For dirty areas or annual spring cleaning, wash the surface with WATERLOX CLEANER CONCENTRATE (following the directions on the label), or a damp mop with a mixture of 2 capfuls of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water or non-abrasive, diluted cleaning mixture.

It is not necessary to wax the surface, and we recommend against it. Waterlox Original finishes (as well as others) will not adhere or bond over wax, grease, or oil; therefore, all traces must be removed before applying new coats.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and wax-based furniture polishes, and try to prevent water from pooling or standing on the surface for a long time.

Q Will Waterlox Original finishes seal in pet odors and/or protect against damaging of the wood?
A Pet urine can damage the finish if it is chronic and/or non-discovered (e.g. under a potted plant, rugs, carpet, etc.). Waterlox Original finishes will work nicely at sealing in pet urine odor from a previous challenge.

Q Are Waterlox Original finishes food safe/non-toxic?
A Once Waterlox Original finishes are completely dry (30 days), they are non-toxic. Many customers use Waterlox Original finishes on items such as butcher-block counter tops and cutting boards, salad bowls and bowl turnings, knife handles and eating utensils, children’s toys and furniture, etc. This does not apply to urethane products.

Q Can I use your Specially Processed Tung Oil Finishes to restore my gun stock? If so, which product should I use? And, how should I apply it?
A Yes, you can use our Specially Processed Tung Oil finishes to restore or finish a gun stock. If the stock has been previously finished, simply sand the stock down to bare wood and finish with 00 steel wool. Brush or wipe on 3-4 coats of our Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish, this will give you a medium sheen (75 degree) gloss. Let each coat dry overnight. Sanding between coats is not required for adhesion purposes; but you may want to lightly wipe it down with 0000 steel wool between coats for a 'piano smooth' finish. Let the final coat dry 3-4 days and lightly buff the finish out with 0000 steel wool for a very smooth finish. TIP: Always sand "with the grain".