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Dogs like Waterlox

We have tested many finishes over the years, and Waterlox is the PaintSource Product of Choice for clients with dogs.

Because Waterlox finishes penetrate into your wood floors, when scratches or wear areas do occur, they are far less noticeable than with a urethane finish that simply lies on the surface. If noticeable scratches occur, all you need to do is clean the damaged area well and then reapply a new coat when needed. No need to sand down to bare wood, and no need to sand the existing Waterlox finish.  

Maintenance coating is easy with Waterlox. You just sweep the floor, clean, and reapply a rejuvenating coat as desired every few years. No sanding is ever required, which means no machines, no dust, no inconvenience, and no expense in preparation. Most common finishes are difficult to spot repair, and usually require full sanding and refinishing. With Waterlox, small scratches can be spot repaired, with excellent results. Some clients even buff the finish after a few years, with excellent results, and extended maintenance.

Always keep dog nails trimmed, and keep surface free of grit by regular sweeping, and keeping outside entry areas swept clean as well.

Waterlox Care and Maintenance

A newly finished Waterlox project will give years of beauty and protection. Cleaning consists of vacuuming, broom sweeping, dusting, or mopping with a slightly damp mop. It is not necessary to use wax, or any products containing wax, and we recommend against it.

For dirty areas or annual Spring-Cleaning, use Waterlox Cleaner Concentrate  for heavy mop cleaning . Sweep all areas with vacuum and brush before applying cleaner. Some clients choose to wash the surface with a white vinegar and water solution of 2 capfuls of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. The surface should be rinsed afterward to remove all traces of the solution. Be sure to take care not to over wet the floor when damp mopping floor. Thoroughly dry after damp mopping.

For General Cleaning: We prefer the "clean and buff" method for regular cleaning as opposed to frequent mopping. Sweep all areas with vacuum and brush before applying cleaner  Dilute 1-2 ounces of Waterlox Concentrate per gallon of warm water. This solution is best applied by misting spray on the surface of the wood, and using a cotton bonnet , towel, or micro fiber cloth on a mop frame to remove soils.  Mist  on cleaner to loosen dirt and film, then scrub and remove with mop or cloth, then buff with a separate bonnet or cloth, or simply allow to dry. No rinsing is required.

Another great way to easily keep your Waterlox floor looking good for years is to be sure and regularly sweep any concrete or brick around entryways to the home. Small grit from brick mortar or concrete can easily track and abrade any finish. Sweep outside entryways regularly, and seal any concrete or brick surface prone to dusting or grit.  

Sweep wood floors on a regular basis to remove damaging grit and dirt.

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