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About Waterlox

Waterlox for Log Homes

Our product of choice on most interior wood is Waterlox.   Waterlox is a superior waterproofer and finish for most Log Home Applications including Walls, Timbers, Logs, Wood Floors, Cabinets, furniture, Exotic Hardwood, and Reclaimed Lumber. Also for rejuvenating sheen, and waterproofing existing finishes. Waterlox gives a Durable, Naturally Beautiful, Hand Rubbed Look. A superior alternative to most commonly used finishes.

Waterlox  will certainly protect wood surfaces and make cleaning much easier. The Sealer/ Finish is the simplest system, with 3 coats to most wood (4 coats on floors), giving a semi-gloss sheen. If you want a lower sheen, you could apply 2 coats  of Sealer/ Finish, with a topcoat of Satin Finish. We urge most clients to test a sample when selecting final sheen.


Waterlox  is widely used for hardwood floors, including pine and antique lumber. Waterlox on wood floors is much more natural looking and the most easily maintained as preferred by most log and timber home owners. All wood floors eventually need recoating and maintenance.  One great feature of Waterlox for floors is the fact that the floor does not have to be sanded before applying a renewal coat. Polyurethanes, and water-borne finishes require sanding for rejuvenation.  Waterlox eliminates the dust, mess, and cost of future machine sanding. Repeated sanding also destroys the character of many beautiful floors.  Waterlox is easy to freshen and rejuvenate. Just clean the floor, and easily apply additional coats depending on wear and tear.

Waterlox Video  Floor Finishing  Guide

For floors and high moisture areas, we like to see at leat one coat applied to backside, edges, and end-grain saw cuts before and during installation for the ultimate in wood stabilizing.

More about Waterlox for wood floors.


All interior wood finishes perform in a variety of ways. Lacquer based products have traditionally provided a great finish for interior wood cabinets. Unfortunately, it is difficult to spray apply lacquer in a residential jobsite. Waterlox is a great alternative to lacquer and varnish products for wood cabinets in that it can easily be buffed and recoated on site.  

Waterlox Advantages:

Hand rubbed look

Upararelled wood protection on  a variety of interior surfaces in the cabin.

Ease of touchup and refinish.

Safer and more serviceable than lacquer for cabinets and walls.

Natural Woodtone Enhancement and Beauty

Use on :

Wood Flooring
Historic Reclaimed Lumber
Wood Trim
Wood Windows
Bathrooms and Kitchens

Furniture and Railings


For a budget, figure 500 square feet per gallon, with a total of 3-4 coats depending on the surface. . The products range from  $50-80 per gallon, depending on the exact sheen that you choose.

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