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ZipWall® Zipper

This new, more durable zipper accessory provides easy access in and out of the ZipWall® dust barrier. The improved zipper features 2-sided pulls, a very smooth glide action and easy press-on application. It is 7 feet long and is packaged two to a box.

ZipWall® Zipper / item # AZ2 /packaged two 7' adhesive zippers per box

How to use the ZipWall® Zipper.

Grip Disk™

The GripDisk™ was developed to meet the need for a product that would keep the ZipWall® pole securely in place when contractors contend with a slick and slippery work site floor, such as highly polished wood or marble. The Grip Disk™ is a non-skid, rubberized disk. This product holds the ZipWall® pole tightly in place against the floor surface.

Grip Disk™ / item # GD2 /packaged two grip disks per bag


Non-Skid Plates™

These replacement plates have a new non-skid surface that will not wear out or come off. It is a major improvement over the original plates. These plates fit all ZipWall® spring loaded products SLP, KT12 and KT20. And, all new replacement plates accept the new tether.

Non Skid Plates™ / item # NSP2 /packaged two plates per bag
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Carry Bag

The CarryBag was developed to keep the ZipWall® poles and jacks organized and easy to transport. The carrier
holds six standard, 12 foot poles with jacks attached.
The bag can also accommodate six of the new 20 foot
poles and six jacks, if they are unattached from the
poles. The carrybag is made of 1200 Denier Polyester.
This CarryBag will help contractors keep the ZipWall®
products in good condition during transportation and storage.

CarryBag / item # CB1 / sold individually


Foam Rail

Once a dust barrier with ZipWall® poles is erected, this five-foot bar, with its soft, spongy edge is attached to a ZipWall® pole and jack and lifted into place pressing the plastic sheeting to the ceiling. This creates an extremely tight seal without the need for tape. The FR2 contains two complete 5’ foam rails and two T-clips per box.

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Side Clamp
Ensures a tight-seal against the wall. When attached to the Foam Rail and supported by a ZipWall® pole, the Side Clamp presses the plastic sheeting firmly to the wall.