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Zipwall Kit 20

Product Description

The KT20 contains two poles that reach 20 feet, two jacks, two grip disks and comes with the new tethered plate, and ZipWall® Zipper.

The reach of the pole with the jack attached is about 21 feet. The collapsed height of the pole and jack together is about 6' 9" so it can work in standard height ceilings as well.

Over the past year ZipWall has re-engineered the jack to make it even tougher. They made the polycarbonate wall of the spring housing about twice as thick and have beefed up the neck of the ball so that the jack is now virtually unbreakable.

With the KT20 one or two people can put up 100 feet of barrier in just a mater of minutes. With this product you avoid the need for a hoist of some kind or scaffolding to secure the plastic sheeting to the ceiling.

Fits into the Carry Bag with the jack uncoupled from the pole.