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I offer a unique approach to all aspects of your project, emphasizing long-term durability, appearance, and performance. Our team has been dedicated to increasing awareness of the best paint, wood coatings, caulking, and sealers to protect variety of surfaces on homes and commercial buildings.

We offer online consultation. Our team consists of wood coatings consultants, paint sales representatives, technical reps, commercial contractors, and other industry specialists. We have an experienced team ready to assist you in evaluating the best products and procedures based on your specific project.

We are not obligated to any product manufacturer. We share what we have learned from our team's diverse experience in the Painting and Wood Finishing industry. We have assisted thousands of customers over the years seeking the best products, tools, and procedures for a variety of projects.

We have had the opportunity to apply, test and evaluate numerous brands and types of paint, wood finishes, caulking, and specialty products. Our technical training and coatings background has given us valuable insight as to the preventable causes of most coating problems. Inadequate or inferior caulking, improper surface preparation, use of old-technology products, and incorrect paint products used all result in millions of dollars each year in preventable damage and costly rework to homes and other types of buildings. In most cases, this is simply due to a lack of awareness of better products and solutions available.

Using professionally proven superior-performing products and systems can prevent many common paint and wood coating problems.

We hope to help clients make better choices in the products they choose to protect and beautify a variety of surfaces. We encourage you to utilize the information contained here.

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