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Dust Free Deck Sanding

See it in Action

*Ergonomic Palm Grip Design for greater comfort & control
*Dust Sealed Switch extends the life of the tool
*Built in Dust Collection for a cleaner work area
*Convenient Paper Clamp for ease of use
*Sands flush on 3 sides for added convenience when sanding to vertical surfaces

Video Discussion

Doug describes tools and supplies for deck sanding

For potentially dangerous sanding dust, use paper disposable dust collection bags,
and dispose of properly. Use only vacuum capturing sanders, and sweep and wipe clean all surfaces immediately after sanding. Pets and children should not be exposed to sanded surfaces until wood is sealed and protected.

Dust-Free Sanding

The FS500 Sander
can be used for dust collection when sanding decks.

Equip vacuum with a
Dust Collection Bag for the best high-performance Dust Collection.

Contractor Comments
"This is, in my opinion, the the best way to sand a deck and keep hazardous dust to a minimum. I also recommend this Sander for cabinets, trim, doors, and a variety of surfaces.

For interior work, we have to be Dust -Free. Our clients have computers that are sensitive to dust, as well as concern over the health hazards of sanding in the jobsite. ..This is a must for all occupied space projects..

Will Selby
Wilson / Selby & Associates
Lexington, KY
PaintSource Crew Member and
Project Consultant/ Advisor

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