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It is that time of year when cold weather touch-up becomes a problem. We hope to eliminate many preventable paint problems. Differing temperatures during application then touchup will cause problems with most paints on the market. To help alleviate this problem, please consider the following.

Use full penetrating heat. Salamanders are not recommended.

Coating Temperature- Bring the temperature of the coating up to room temperature before application.

Application - If material is sprayed through an airless and back-rolled, all touch-up material should be run through the airless sprayer to achieve proper atomization of the coating for matching during touchup.

The temperatures listed below should be considered for both air and substrate temperatures.

Application Touch-Up Color Effect
Room Temp 72°F Room Temp 72°F OK
Room Temp 72°F Low Temp 50°F Light
Low Temp 50°F Room Temp 72°F Dark
Low Temp 50°F Low Temp 50°F Light or alligatored


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Exterior facing walls can be cooler than interior walls leading to color variation and touchup problems. Be sure interior is fully heated when painting during cold exterior conditions.